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Privacy & Data Protection

This statement applies to Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd generally and each of the cinemas it operates and shall include any company in which Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd has an ownership interest. A full list of the cinemas currently operated by Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd is available on our website at


Information held
Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd records information about its customers for the purposes of administering an effective Ticketing system and for marketing (including direct marketing) by post and by email. Data held includes customer contact details and information about ticket purchases made and events attended.

Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd gathers information about customers at the time a customer makes a booking or applies to join a membership scheme either in person, by telephone, by email or on our website. This information is kept as a permanent record to enable us to analyse historical data and understand trends.

Customers joining a membership scheme or mailing list do so on the understanding that consent is given for Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd to process and use the information given in accordance with this policy.

Encrypted information is kept about customers’ credit cards to enable customers to retrieve their tickets and to enable us to analyse purchasing behaviour and understand trends.

In some cinemas, CCTV systems record images of people in or around the cinemas. Where this is the case signs are clearly displayed at the entrance to the premises. Images on tapes are kept for no longer than one month, unless retained for use in an investigation, in which case the images are wiped as soon as the investigation concludes.


Using Information Held
General information about the cinemas’ activities is sent regularly to those who have requested it.

Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd processes and analyses information held to inform its business planning. We aim to build an understanding of customers preferences so that programming can be refined and information can be provided to customers who may find screenings and events of interest.

Information is only sent to individuals who have subscribed to a membership scheme or mailing list or who have previously attended films or events at one of our cinemas.

Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd does not pass any personal details about its customers to any third party outside the Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd group, other than to third parties who analyse the data on our behalf and return the results to us for our own use.


Third Parties
Various third parties advertise with us on screen, in printed material and on our website. Our website also has links to third parties. Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd is not responsible for how third parties deal with any information you submit to them and users should contact the third parties directly if they have questions about their Privacy Policies. Picturehouse Cinemas Ltd does not pass personal data to any of these third parties.


Policy last updated: January 2013